Welcome to CEISL

The Collaborative for Equitable and Inclusive STEM Learning (CEISL) is a set of grant-funded initiatives aimed at providing sustainable and rigorous support in lifelong learning with technology, especially for learners representing structurally marginalized identities and communities. 

These initiatives are developed in partnership with communities, families, and educators across multiple levels and disciplines.  

After listening to feedback from teachers, administrators, and community members, the team at CEISL responded with The Digital Education Hub, an online infrastructure for supporting educators and families across the state of Indiana during hybrid and remote learning.  The Digital Education Hub (DEH) provides support to K-12 schools through online resources, learning opportunities, and networking

What we do

In the 2022-2023 academic year, we are working on the Student Learning Recovery Project (SLRP), which is funded by the Indiana Department of Education. We are partnering with IPS School 54 Brookside Elementary students, teachers, and community members to facilitate:

  • Direct services to students in the form of a Math Studio
  • Professional development for teachers and staff
  • Community engagement and coalition building 

If you have any questions or wish to connect with CEISL directly, please email us at ceisl@iu.edu

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